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  • Q1
  • How do I pay?
    We use Paypal for most of our clients. Although we have other options like Transferwise, OFX, Payoneer etc for the regular clients. The mode of payment can be customised as per your convenience.
  • Is there a money back guarantee? Is it safe to make payment?
    At EduComPro our biggest priority is to make sure each of our clients are satisfied with their grades and have to go through minimum hassle throughout their assiciation with us. In case you need any modification in the assignments, we will revise your works until you are satisfied. We do have a money guarantee in special cases where we have not met the requirements. In case you have shared incorrect details about the assignment or the course we may not be able to refund the amount. In case of any dispute regarding the payment, each client is free to contact the top management of the company direclty for a fast resolution.
  • What to do if I have an urgent assignment, a revision or any dispute? "
    If you face any problem where our team is not able to help you can ask for the team to get in touch with the management directly. The management will get in touch with you and swiftly resolve the issue.
  • How do I submit a new Assignment or Course Assistance Request?
    At EduComPro, we strive to maintain maximum ease for each of our clients. You can submit an Assignment Request by doing either of the following: 1. If you have Whatsapp, hit the Whatsapp Icon on the right side of this page and connect directly with us. You can send you documents or images directly to the executive, 2. You can also hit the Mail icon on the right and mail us your requirements along with the attachments. If you want to forward a particular mail, please mail us at 3. Hit the Chat button on the bottom right and talk to our customer care representatives to share your requirements with us. Once you have shared all the requirements we will send a confimation mail will all the details of the requirements shared along with the compensation, Paypal link and the contact of the Profile Manager assigned to you.
  • Which level of education do you cater to?
    EduComPro has been working for clients from the US, UK, UAE and Australia for over 5 years now. We have assited students from graduation, Masters to Ph.D level. The subjects also vary from Literature to Higher Engineering. With us, you do not need to worry about a thing. All you will need to do is submit your work and check your grades. Leave the rest to us.
  • What is a Comprehensive Package?
    A Comprehensive Package (CP) is one of the most popular variants of our service. When you place an order for a CP you book the services for an entire course without the hassle of checking the requirements, submitting or revising. A dedicated Profile Manager will be assigned to you to assist you during the entire course. A CP includes everything that is a part of the course irrespective of the size of the assignments. All the works will be completed well in advance and either submitted by your Profile Manager or sent to you for review, and once satisfied you can submit the works. The complete course schedule will be followed by us. All you will be required to do is to monitor the grades. All the courses will be completed with zero hassle and virtually no effort on your part. Your Profile Manager will be in touch with you to answer any queries or assist you during the course. Another variant of the same is the Mega Comprehensive Package where we bundle 12 courses at a time. Given the nature of the order being booked 12 courses at a time the price is heavily discounted per course.
  • What is the qualification of the Experts working on my assignment or courses? Can I choose my expert?
    We have a team of highly qualified experts from diverse educational background including Management, Finance, Accounts, Nursing, Humanities, Literture, Engineering and many others. Each of the experts are hand-picked from the very best universities in the country with years of experience assisting the students from all over the world in their area of expertise. We have an internal grading system for each of the experts where in only the very best of the experts with consistent performance are retained with us. Every single expert associated with is increbile with their subjects and highly professional. It is not allowed for the clients to choose their experts but we make sure each assignment and course is worked upon in the most professional manner for best of grades and experience.
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